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Avenues Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit foundation and is a supporting organization of Avenues.

The Avenues Foundation was created to ensure that needed funds would be available for Avenues to not only meet its mission today, but also in the future.


The Avenues Foundation carries out activities to raise funds from grants, contributions, bequests and devises for Avenues.


The Avenues Foundation will receive by gift, grant, devise, bequest or otherwise, and from any public or private source, personal or real property, outright or in trust, and to hold, administer, sell, invest, reinvest, manage, use, disburse and distribute, and apply the income of the same in accordance with the directions and interests of the donors of such property, or in the absence of such directions, as the Corporation may determine consistent with it's Articles of Incorporation, all for the benefit of Avenues or its successor. 


Supporting the Avenues Foundation


The Avenues Foundation being separate and distinct form Avenues, allows the Avenues Foundation Board of Directors to determine the best use of the philanthropic funds within the parameters identified by the donor.


Options for Giving


The Avenues Foundation accepts many types of gifts, including: cash donations, marketable securities, stocks, life insurance, real estate, retirement plan assets, and tangible personal properties. You may designate your gift to a particular program fund to address the specific needs of children, adults, and agency preservation and growth.

Avenues Foundation